Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Saying "Yes" To The Dress.

Hey Team!!

So sorry it has been a while since I posted anything. A lot has been going on with both Derek and I. Derek has been having a lot of trouble with his arm still with the pain. It was so bad he wasn't going to the MATC. He can't even walk because the pressure he would need to put through his arm would be unbareable. He's still going strong without his fentanyl, and he is on new pain meds that he seems to like, which is always a plus! On top of that we both got sick and my sleep cycle has been SO off lately. Needless to say it's been quite a 2 weeks for us, and still going...

We are hoping that Derek will have surgery at the end of the month to put in the little piece of bone he is still missing in his arm. From what we were told he won't need to stay in the hospital, he can leave the same day since it is that small. Thank goodness.

Now on to other exciting wedding news! As I told you all about 2 weeks ago I was heading home for the weekend to get my wedding dress!! It's funny, going through this whole process it kinda hit me, but it didn't. I mean when Derek and I found out that we were the winners of this amazing contest we were astonished. It was and still is such a blessing to us to have been able to receive this, but it still didn't hit me then. Then came looking at two beautiful venues and choosing which one we would have our celebration in. I thought it hit me then that whole "wow, this is really happening. I'm really getting married" thing, but I was wrong. It wasn't until I entered L'fay bridal and saw all the gowns around me that it started to finally sink in. I got to look around and pick out dresses to try on, on top of the one beautiful gown they had picked out for me. WOW the dresses were beautiful!! I won't say which one I chose, but the first dress I tried on I knew..I just knew it. Once I started getting everything put together with it - my shoes, the veil, the headpiece, the sash, it all become that much more real for me. I felt like a BRIDE!

The day that all little girls dream about from what they are going to wear, the colors, to who that special man will be, is all finally coming true. I was thrilled my Mom, Derek's mom and Aunt were able to be there with me. I wish my grandma and Aunt could have been a part of it but they had somthing to do (didn't wanna leave you guys out of it!). It was a wonderful day. Thank you SO MUCH L'Fay Bridal in Chatham, NJ for being so awesome and making that day spectacular for me.

In other news, other things are starting to get done as well! Lots of packages have arrived to my house with all our wedding things, my girls are starting to get their dresses in, our family is starting to pick out their dresses and oh my goodness are they just gorgeous. My little winter wedding is going to be better then what I have dreamed it would be.

Thank you again Venus Jewelers, and all the donors for all you have given to us. Thank you to my family for being so awesome throughout this all. Derek and I love you all!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hello Everyone!

Well, this shall be my first attempt at blogging. As you all know, a week or so ago Derek posted a status on Team Derek asking who would be interested in a blog written by him about our journey with our wedding process! Pretty much all of you were not only thrilled, but excited to read a blog written by our very own Derek! I must agree, I'm pretty excited myself to see Derek put into words what HE is feeling rather than me. Only because I can say how I think he feels, but only Derek himself can express it. So that night I hopped on and started designing this whole thing. I am still in the process of adding more, so please bear with me ;]

I really wanted to show you all our new blog, but I was waiting for Derek to write the first post. Since creating this, Derek's been on the decline. He got the flu that lasted about 2 weeks, and now his arm situation that we are hoping to have answers to on Tuesday. So, I guess I'll beat him to the first entry since I really want to show you guys! 

Please let us know what you think, and stay tuned for entries from our own Derek-hopefully soon!